The geographic region called Angeln

Rape-seed fields in bloom

Our region offers you more than comfortable living, good food and lots of facilities to rest and feel good. We are in favorable distance near the Baltic sea beaches, the country of Denmark and the German cities Flensburg, Schleswig and Kiel. The world city of Hamburg, with it's famous nightlife and the "Reeperbahn", is only 150km away.

The wonderful landscape is right outside our doorsteps and you can enjoy nice strolls past fields and farmland or hikes along the beaches and through the woodlands.

Do you enjoy fishing? There are good fishing grounds in the lakes and the Baltic sea. Or do you prefer going to the golf course or horseback riding? You'll find stables, golf courses, tennis courts, yachting and other sporting facilities nearby.


Nearby Beach

We are in 10km distance from the beautiful sand beach near Gluecksburg, but farther west along the coast there are also other lovely beaches which are less frequented. Enjoy the quiet coves with the great view of the danish coast on the other side.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow outdoor games around the house and in our garden, but you're sure to find nice spots on the beaches where no inquisitive glances will disturb you.


Flensburger Skyline

Downtown Flensburg is only 14km from here and has a lot to offer: comfortable shopping vacilities, larger malls, cultural highlights, and last but not least, exciting nightlife. One special thing about this city is that there is no official closing time for the night bars!

There are some swinger clubs in the area and these might also organize fetish events once in awhile, but don't expect much of a kinky scene. However, the larger city of Kiel is only an hour distance ride by train or car and to Hamburg, the "sex capital" of Germany, it's about 150km to drive.

If you want to go out in the evening without having to drive yourself, we offer to drive and pick you up from any nearby location. The van is large enough to switch into a kinky outfit before hitting the town.

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