Haus Honeywall

Take a moment to follow us around the house so you can have a glimpse at the rooms.

Our house has:

Central heating
The historical building substance, with thick walls, keeps the rooms cool in the summer time
A large parking lot - feel free to park directly in front of the appartment entrance
Lawn/garden around the back of the house for sunbathing or a barbeque (in normal clothing)
Separate entrance
Clothesline, in case you have laundry to dry (if it's raining, ask to use our clothesdryer)
Self-catering (grocery stores are in the next village, diners offer delivery services)
Shuttle service if you wish to go out and need a driver/transportation to a nearby location

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Floor plan

Separate ground floor apartment with a bedroom on the first floor and over 70m²of living space. Unfortunately there is no basement, but still plenty of room for your pleasure and games.


There is a staircase next to the entrance which leads to the top floor where the bedroom is situated.


The bedroom on the top floor has a double bed, closet and - inspite of the bevel walls - lots of space, not only for sleeping.


The bath has a shower, sink, toilette, and in the ceiling beam above the shower you'll notice a simple, but convenient and stable carabine hook.


A small but practically furnished kitchen with stove, oven, sink, dishwasher, refridgerator, coffeemaker, toaster, microwave oven and utensils is next to the dining area.

Dining and living room

The rustic-tiled dining area is next to the sitting corner with leather couch in the back part of the room. You can watch satellite-TV, DVD or enjoy music from the stereo while relaxing there.

Don't worry about disturbing neighbors with loud music, nobody really minds if the windows aren't open. We do prefer you turn up some music if you're used to neighbors misinterpretating the sounds coming from your bedroom and calling the police.


You can attach the love-swing or straddle-bars on several hooks within the room or above the bed, which is covered with a patent leather sheet. If you need an extra hook or combination in the ceiling beams somewhere in the house, feel free to ask us about it.

You may enjoy hearing the click of high heels in the playroom, so don't be disappointed: we still have carpet in the playroom, because it makes it a bit cosier and warmer than a hard stone floor and most guests prefer this. The dining area, however, is tiled.

The room has heating, but in the summertime, this room is usually nice and the coolest spot in the house.


The cross and horse are made of heavy metal, which assures a sturdy stand and that they won't even break under strong restraint of larger people. These come from the German designer studio of Heiße-Eisen.

It may be cold to the skin at first (do you care?), but this equipment is not only very stable, it also ensures good hygienic cleansing compared to the usual wood and leather devices.